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  • Wildstar PvP News: Warplots Rewards- Items Imbuements

    We have invited Kevin – Wildstar designer to our studios. He talked something about PvP. And he put forward to the Warplots. I think the idea is really great, but the entrance is quite acuity. Although 10 Vs 10 Warplots will sound much better, the volume of work project will be huge. In the transitional period, they will let more and more players pay attention to the Warplots. And they will reduce the number to 30 Vs 30. The value is the acceptable minimum number in the running. At the same time, they also design mercenary system which will make the mercenary pairing possible. The rule that you can not be into Warplots as a warlord will be changed. Based on the recent circumstance, wildstar will reduce the threshold into Warplots. Besides, the rewards of Warplots will also be adjusted. It will cost more time than playing PvP. We look forward to more feedback in rewards. Some of the item imbuements will be the rewards. You can get it by completing Warplots. And it will attract a lot of players to complete it to obtain some special item imbuements.

    10/18/2014 4:24:25 PM

  • WildStar Guide: Wait Till November for WildStar Drop 3

    We WildStar players all believe that we can experience WildStar Drop 3 in October, but bad news is that we still have to wait till November, another long month to wait. But it is good to know that the Megaservers and the runecrafting changes will be coming before Drop 3, probably in mid October. We have prepared you a great video from Youtube to inform you with the title “Wildstar holocaust, state of the game post, Drop 3 + incentivizing group play”, hope it help you have a better understanding and expectation to WildStar.     We have detailed news to introduce Megaservers, so we won’t bother you more about it, just to make sure that you can find more friends for your PVP and dungeons and raids, it would be better. But the Carbine Studios needs to work out a way to ensure the quality of the servers as with the player number become larger in one place, it won’t be easier to experience a stable game. As for the details of Drop 3, we still don’t know much about it, but it is definitely a big move to save the game and to bring players back.   People now have complicated ideas about WildStar. With many new MMORPG comes out such as ArcheAge, WildStar seems to lose its attraction day by day, and it is maybe also the reason that NC Soft needs a beautiful fight to make this game charming again, so the update has been delayed, but some players don’t want to wait any more. So, what is your idea? Will you wait till November to see the coming of WildStar Drop 3?   Welcome to turn to us when you need support in WildStar, we is always here for your service.

    10/2/2014 8:00:00 AM

  • Five Reasons to Choose for Cheap WildStar Gold

    Many WildStar fans are waiting for the coming of its update in next month and we all hoping that this will return the hot picture it used to be. We are here today to discuss the five reasons that we can choose for cheap WildStar Gold.   1. Reasonable price with abundant storagePrice may be the top concern when we are deciding to make an order online. We have done everything we can to ensure the most reasonable price for you and your gold, you will know we are right as long as you compare us with others carefully.   2. Instant delivery within 15 minutesTime is money. It is true in the game. We hate to make you wait and wait, so we have arranged reliable stuff to service you. Your order will be reached to you within 15 minutes after you done payments.   3. Professional 24 hour online service. We will feel sorry if you can’t reach us in needed. So we have prepared you the 24 hours online service, you can easily get in touch with us whenever you want our supports. This is designed for your convenience and urgency.   4. Various member activitiesWe have various member activities to make you feel at home. You will be rewarded with member points when you take part in those. And when your member points gathered to a certain number, you can exchange them into gold in our points for gold part.   5. New Sell To Us pageThis page is made in order to express our gratefulness to your long time support, you can get your money and gold from us with your belongs in your game, it is really a nice thing, don’t you think so? And if you have any doubts and questions on it, contact us, please.   Let us know if you have any requires to us, we will make some changes if possible. Best wishes.

    9/25/2014 10:53:04 AM

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